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Matagorda Bay Fishing Reports 2016

May 17 --- We are having a very good year...We are finally seeing all the good effects of the freshwater...Both bays are producing some of the best catches I've ever seen. If you want to drift East Bay or Wade West Or vice versa, It's just good as long as you can get out because of a lot of rain we have had lately. I have a few days left in June and July give me a call to get on the books....Thanks
Capt. Tommy Alexander

February 23 ... Well didn't fish much in January, took vacation started back in February. And I have to say it has been a great start of the year. We have been mostly wading throwing 1/8 oz. jig heads with norton bull minnows.... My to go to colors this year have been chicken on a chain and fire tiger. The fish seem to be in a little deeper water off the shoreline verse in tight. The "slower the better" retrieve has been working for me.
Captain Tommy Alexander
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Nov 17 ... Fishing has been great rather you want to redfish or catch trout or flounder. In between these fronts you can kinda do whatever you want. We have been catching trout and reds up the river throwing bright colored bass assassin's or gulp and we have been catching a lot of reds and flounder in the intercoastal along side of drains with shrimp or gulp.


July 14......Sorry guys about it being so long since my last report just been busy. And to be honest we had a bad couple months was not much to report. But it did finally turn around wind lay down and we started catching them. wading on grass beds or drifting deep shell and rock. We have been catching them on everything from live shrimp under popping corks to Bass assassins the best colors have been hot chicken or pumpkinseed..
Till next time........... Capt. Tommy Alexander


April 6.....Well I guess I cannot say the weather has straightened out yet, but at least it has gotten a little bit warmer, not any more 30s. But this wind has been given us a lot of trouble.....Jjust about the time you get on a good pattern, and have a couple good days, then the wind changes and start howling. I cannot wait until it is southeast every day.

Here are some pictures of some of the good days we've had the last couple months. Give me a should start lining out any day now.

Jan. 28......We have had some excellent fishing this winter. On the other hand we have had a few bad days also. The key is getting the one or two days a week between the front. For the most part we have been drifting deep Shell looking for Mullet. We have been throwing dark-colored bass assassin's on light Jig heads or some 52m Mirr-o-lures.


Captain Tommy Alexander
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